In 1978, Barbara MacKellar began knitting heirloom-quality baby blankets as a hobby to soothe her nerves as her oldest son spent countless hours in the hospital, receiving treatment for a congenital heart condition. Thankfully, Barbara’s son grew and flourished as did her hobby. As many of her friends welcomed babies to their families, Barbara knitted blankets for each new addition. Then friends of friends started asking for blankets of their own. When strangers started calling her house, requesting to speak to “The Blanket Lady,” a business was born.

In the late ‘90s, Barbara moved her knitting machines out of her basement and into her family’s company’s manufacturing facility where she continues to work today alongside her husband and son.

Today, people who received blankets as babies are now ordering them for their own children. After 42 years, The Blanket Lady continues to hand-finish each custom blanket, taking as much pride in the blankets made today as those she knitted decades ago.